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JAYA AND COMPANY was established in the year 1939 by our founder late K.J.Kamath. The activity then was, erection and repair of British, German and other imported boilers, being IBR approved boiler erectors and steam pipeline fabricators. The experience in the repair and erection paved way to for the next phase, Manufacturing!


JAYA AND COMPANY started manufacture of boilers in the year 1963 as the first license for shell and tube boilers in South India under the Indian boiler regulations. Since then boilers of various designs meant for different fuels have been installed and continue working. In 2006 JAYA AND COMPANY was renamed as JAYA SARV-O-STEAM BOILERS (JAYA SOS boilers)

Steam Boiler Manufacturers

The new NJS series of boiler models are 3pass fully wet back boilers with the design making the boiler the most efficient compared to the conventional 3pass counter parts available in the market. Ask what?

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