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JSOS Multi Fuel Vertical Cross Tube Boiler

Fuel: Agro waste, coal, liquid or gaseous fuel.
Consists of a shell and shell crown, enclosing within it a furnace crown with furnace, into which are cross tubes (water tubes) and the flue gases pass through a uptake to the chimney.


  • Vertical shell and water tube combination.
  • Large steam space.
  • High rate of evaporation.
  • Large furnace volume.
  • Quick pressure build up.
  • Caters to fluctuating loads.
  • Perfect combustion


  • Shell and tube type boiler and hence, best suited for process steam heating needs.
  • Rugged construction long life of the boiler.
  • High safety standards.
  • Low floor area required.

End use: Tyre Retreading, Food Industry, and many more.