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JSOS Coil Type Steam Boiler

Fuel: Liquid and gaseous fuels.
Is a vertical water tube type boiler in which the flame passes through the inner side of the coil and the flue gases return back to travel on the outer side of the coil, and then pass through a economizer before leaving through the chimney.
Instant Steaming and pressure buildup best suited for process steam heating needs.


  • Large heating surface areas.
  • Large furnace and grate areas.
  • High efficiency.
  • Optimum exhaust gas temperatures.
  • Optimum fuel to air ratio.


  • Water tube boiler hence, quick steaming for process steam heating needs.
  • Low fuel bills.
  • Increased tube life.
  • Rugged construction long life of the boiler.
  • High safety standards.
  • Heat recovery unit provided.

End use: Textile, Food and Beverage, Chemical, Bone Meal, Pharma and many more.