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JSOS 2Pass Horizontal Dry Back Double Flue Boiler

Fuel – Agro Waste / Coal.
Is a shell and tube type boiler consisting of plain cylindrical furnaces attached to a common refractory lined chamber in the 1st pass and the 2nd pass constituting of tube nests.
Heat recovery unit (optional)


  • Large heating surface areas.
  • Large furnace and grate areas.
  • High efficiency.
  • Optimum exhaust gas temperatures.
  • Optimum fuel to air ratio.


  • Shell and tube type boiler and hence, best suited for process steam heating needs.
  • Low fuel bills.
  • Increased tube life.
  • Rugged construction long life of the boiler.
  • High safety standards.
  • No heat recovery unit required.

End use: Textile, Food and Beverage, Concerete Sleeper, Concerete Products, Chemical, Bone Meal, Pharma and many more.